It is possible to add more than one HomeWizard to the HomeWizard-app and quickly switch between the different tables. Think in different locations such as an office or apartment, ect

Important to know:

  • From the "Home" screen, press the name of the HomeWizard, middle top of the screen. If multiple HomeWizards have been added to your account, it flips a drop-down menu, and you can easily select which HomeWizard to control.
  • The HomeWizards do function stand alone. So you do not see a combined list of all the switches in the app, but by HomeWizard switches and other sensors that have been added.
  • Notifications should be set separately by HomeWizard, but it is no problem to various HomeWizards, receive notifications on one (or several same) devices. When you click on the notification, you agree to the HomeWizard who sent him.

Adding an additional HomeWizard to your account

This article assumes that you have already configured one HomeWizard and uses on HomeWizard-Online in the app.

  1. Configure the second HomeWizard for the correct Wi-Fi network (by the configuration tool). Make sure fires three green lights.
  2. Go to a computer connected to the same WiFi network as the second HomeWizard to and login with your account.
  3. Go to HomeOnline Wizard > Dashboard
  4. Here is the right dropdown menu with the name of the current home Wizard (often called "My HomeWizard). Click on it and select "Add to Home Wizard 'from the dropdown menu.
  5. A search within the local network to Home Wizards. Enter the name for the new Home Wizard and enter the password and press' Add to HomeWizard "to save.
  6. Second Home Wizard has been added to your account and can now be selected from within the HomeWizard-app!