Problems with WiFi connection / WiFi LED is blinking red

Most of the time the HomeWizard makes directly connection with the wireless network, If this is not the case, follow the steps in this article.

The HomeWizard is configured through the iPhone or iPad 

  • If three green lights are on, but you cannot het any connection throughout of the app, check if your routeer has WEP security enabled. WEP is not supported by HomeWizard. We advise to use WPA or WPA2.
  • If the WiFi LED blinks red after the configuration with an iOS device, try to configure the HomeWizard again with the configuration tool on your computer. This one gives you a better information. If you put a wrong password for example, the iOS device does not see that, but the configuration tool on the computer will see.

The configuration tool gives the message 'Could not connect to HomeWizard, network may be incompatible'. 

You will receive this message if the configuration tool could not determine if the connection with the WiFi network was successfully made. Check always if three green lights are on on the HomeWizard. If so, you can ignore the message. Your HomeWizard will work correctly.

If the WiFi LED is blincking red, most of the time this is because of the router settings.

  • Make sure the Wifi range is wide enough for the HomeWizard. 
  • Have you placed the HomeWizard next to the routeer? (lower than 50 cm?) Try to put the HomeWizard a bit further of the router.
  • Make sure you filled in the right password of the WiFi network. If need, copy the password in your router, so you are sure you have entered the right password.
  • If 'MAC adres filtering' is enabled, fill in the mac address of the HomeWizard before you will connect. 
  • Make sure you routeer has the latest firmware. (Especially for FritzBox routers).
  • Take the below router settings in consideration:

Password settings

Normally the HomeWizard can connect with all WPA and WPA2 networks with TKIP and/or AES security. Manufacturers of routers can make there own implementation of encryption methods. Therefor it could be possible that the HomeWizard WiFi chip cannot go through the security protocol. Login in your router and use a different encryption method. The easiest way is to use WPA with TKIP. If it is not working now again, disable your encryption method temporarily, so you can see if it is working now. (Start the configuration tool again). If it is working now, use a different encryption method in your router. Below you see a picture of a Netgear router with different security and encryption methods. 

After you have changed the settings, save it. Then you can start the configuration tool again.

WiFi b/g/n settings

Routers supports different WiFi standards. WiFi b/g are commonly used. WiFi 'n' is newer. HomeWizard is a device that is using b/g. So it is important that the routeer sends a WiFi b/g network. If your routeer is sending 'n' only, the HomeWizard will not work. Check in your routeer that the 'network mode' stands on 'mixed' or 'b/g', but not 'n' only. Below a picture to clarify it more. This is a screenshot of a Linksys router. In this case you can set 2.4 Ghz network the best on 'mixed' or 'b/g'.

Some routers have different implementations of 'WiFi b' or 'wifi g'. Then you will see more options in the list with 'network modi'. Those called all wireless B. It could help if you try another network mode. After you have changed the network mode, save the settings in your router and start the configuration tool again.