Using HomeWizard outside of your home

After you have configured the HomeWizard, the app makes connection through the intern IP address. This only works when you are in your own network. If you would like to have connection if you are not at home, you have to use the HomeWizard Online service.

Link HomeWizard to your HomeWizard Request online account.

You can submit a request by email to to use this service. It is activated within a few days.

Setup HomeWizard Online in the HomeWizard app.

On iOS and Android you go to ‘Menu > Settings’ and put on ‘Use HomeWizard Online’. After that, click on ‘Account’ and fill in the email address and password of your HomeWizard Online account. Then, click on 'log in' and select the HomeWizard you would like to connect with. From now of, the app connects always with your HomeWizard, whether you are at home or not.