Problems to setup HomeWizard Online 

Follow the steps of the article: "Setup a connection with HomeWizard Online'.

The HomeWizard Online webpage does not find a HomeWizard in my local network.

  • Check if three green lights are on at the HomeWizard. If not, configure the HomeWizard with the configuration tool.
  • Make sure the you are with the HomeWizard Online page in the same internet network as the HomeWizard box.
  • Check the security settings of your router and make sure that 'Acces Point Isolation' or similar security settings are disabled. 
  • If you have a WiFi network with more Acces Points/Extenders, could it make sense if the same Acces Point has connection with the HomeWizard. Dependend on the network settings, the network data can block the devices. Wherefor the HomeWizard not directly reachable is in your network
  • It is possible that a firewall blocks the connection between the HomeWizard and the server. A firewall on your computer has no influence between your HomeWizard and the server.

The password that I filled in on the HomeWizard Online page is not correct.

If you add a HomeWizard, you will asked to fill in the password of the HomeWizard device. This is for security reasons. This password is the one you have filled in the first time you have configured the HomeWizard with the configuration tool. If you forgot that password, you can reset it by starting the configuration tool again.

I get the message 'There is a problem with your HomeWizard'. 

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