HomeWizard not available through HomeWizard Online

To use HomeWizard Online, the HomeWizard box connect with our server through an internet connection. If you het an error, please check if the internet connection of the HomeWizard is still working correctly. 

Error 122: HomeWizard can't be reached using the HomeWizard Online service

Message 122 means that the HomeWizard itself is offline. Check if the HomeWizard has power and if the three green lights are on. If the HomeWizard is updating the firmware or rebooting hisself, you can see also this error. If this is the case, in a few minutes it will work again.

If this is not the case, check if the HomeWizard has good connection with the local network. You do this to log in in your routeer, search for the IP address the HomeWizard is using. Go with youor computer (it should be in the same network as your HomeWizard) to that IP address in a browser. Now you should see a statuspage. If not, or the HomeWizard gets no IP address throughout of the routeer, it seams the HomeWizard have no connection with the wireless network. Try to give the HomeWizard power again. Now it will try to connect with the network that he knows. If this does not work, check your network settings, the WiFi range or use the configuration tool to setup the HomeWizard again.

Error 2230: HomeWizard did not respond using the cloud, please try again

The HomeWizard has connection (had) with the HomeWizard Online server, but did not respond. It is possible that the HomeWizard has temporarily not available at the local network or it is very busy on the HomeWizard Online server. Most of the time it will help if you wait a few seconds and connect again. You can do this in the app by: 'Menu > settings' and then you go again to 'Menu > Home'.