The RF range of the HomeWizard and peripherals

The range of the radio waves ('RF') that HomeWizard is using and other peripherals, is independent of local circumstances. Most of the time this works good. In a normal house you have most of the time enough range to control all your sensors.

In cases were it works sometimes and sometimes not, but the HomeWizard receives not consequently nothing, most of the time the range is the issue or other noire in the signals. It is always a combination of sender/receiver with the HomeWizard and eventually obstacles of walls and windows. Without pointing out a specific reason, the following points are important:


  • Have you put the HomeWizard on a central place? You can put the HomeWizard on his side, to improve the range. You have to experiment for the best position. Place it on different places in the room.
  • Are the receivers not too near to each other? We recommend at least 50 cm.
  • Are the transformeters (phone charger, etc.) in the same socket as the receiver? This could have a bad influence.
  • Have you placed the HomeWizard on a metaal underlay or another material that blocks radiation. Also windows that protects against sun have a bad influence on the range, because metal is used in it.
  • Does any other product that uses 433Mhz works that a lot of data is sending and therefor a lot of bandwidth disturb? Also a motion detector were a lot of motion is, can be the issue. This one is using a lot of bandwidth if someone constantly walks behind it. Therefor other signals that using 433 Mhz can cause problems.

Most of the time it is a combination of the above points. In that case, you have to experiment what the best thing is for you.