Have control over a Hotel switch

Are you using more switches to have control over 1 lamp? For example below the stairs and on the stairs? Then you can use this installation guide.

1. Using a single receiver

You can use the Trust Built-in Switch ACM-2300H. This Built-in switch  control lights/devices wirelessly with a HomeWizard, but also possible to control with your existing wall switches. Can be easily installed in a ceiling by the lamp or junction box. It easy to install because there is only one receiver for this. Disadvantage, the HomeWizard does not know the status of the lamp when trigger by the existing wall switches.

2. Transfer existing hotel switches to wireless hotel switches.

Make sure you transfer the existing hotel switch to a simple hotel switch. This means that throughout of the lamp only goes 1 cable to one of the 2 switches. Behind the switch of the lamp, you will place a mini built in receiver: the AWMR-210 (to dim) ir AWMR-230 (to switch).

Behind the other wall switch, you place a AWMT-003 mini built in sender. You have to learn this one to the AWMR-210 or AWMR-230. The lamp will also react if you are using this switch. Now you can learn the code of the AWMT-003 to the HomeWizard and you have also control over your smartphone. Disadvantage, the HomeWizard does not know the status of the lamp when trigger by the existing wall switches.

3. Transfer existing simple switches to wireless hotel switches.

Place behind the existing wall switch a AWMR-210 of AWMR-230 mini built in reciever. Then you have wireless control over the lamp, but also with the physical switch.

Place at another location a AWST-8800 wall switch from COCO. Learn the code of the AWST-8800 to the mini built in receiver, to have control from another place. Learn the code also to your HomeWizard to have control via the app.

4. (new) light fixture equipped hotel circuit as simple as possible

Place this assembly receiver (such as the ACM-1000, ACM 300, ACM-100, etc.) in the ceiling box behind the respective lamp. Install wireless wall switches AWST-8800 in desired positions such as under and top of the stairs. Learn the code of the two switches to the wall inbouwontvanger.

Keep updated of the status (on/off) of a hotel switch in the HomeWizard app 

The HomeWizard knows the status of each lamp, but this works only if you have control over the lamp with a wireless signal.