Range of the weather sensors

Like all devices that works on 433Mhz, the range of weather sensors like thermometer, rainmeter, and wijnmeter are dependentie of the local circumstances. Especially with windows that are resistent. This is because metaal is used in those windows. Also walls that have metal in it, could have a bad influence on the range.

The HomeWizard app says 'no data'

This means there is nog signal of the weather sensor. If you have this, follow these steps:

  • Has the weather sensor new batteries and installed correctly?
  • Are there any objecten between the weather sensor and the HomeWizard that can have bad influence?

Possible solutions:

  • For thermometers: try to set the thermometer to a different channel. Make sure you have the same channel in the HomeWizard app.
  • Make sure you have good batteries in the weather sensor. Especially Lithium batteries can have a positive influence on the range.
  • Sometimes it helps if you place the HomeWizard or weather sensor at a different position. Especially if you place the HomeWizard on his side.
  • If more weather sensors are gone at the same time, mostly this is because of a failure issue on 433Mhz. Mostly a Coco sender is damaged or needs new batteries and therefor you have this issue. Mostly you can see this on the HomeWizard. If the RF signal is blincking very fast, you know that this is the issue. The solution is to put the batteries of all senders out of the devices. Mostly you will see then all the data of the weather sensors again.
  • If the above points does not help, remover all batteries of the weather sensors. Sometimes it is because of a thermometer that is sending a bad radio wave.