Using the HomeWizard Weather Widget

With the Weather Widget you can use your own real-time data of your weather station on a website, on facebook, a forum or another place where you can use a picture.

To use the Widget, you have to be enabled 'Shared Weather' in the app. Only the weather sensors you have enabled for shares weather, are visible in the Widget.

Log in on the HomeWizard website with your account. Under 'HomeWizard Widget', in the menu on th leeft side, you will see your personal Weather Widget, including a direct link and 'embedded link' of the picture. The picture will be refreshed automatically, so you have always the last values.

How to use the direct/embedded link?

Copy your personal link of the HomeWizard Widget page. You can use this one everywhere on the internet as a picture. Use the embedded link on websites or places where HTML is used.

Can I change the background?

Not at the moment, the picture you see on the background is setup by HomeWizard and can change. For example to make it fit for the season.