Pair the Wattcher with HomeWizard

First you have to pair the Wattcher with the HomeWizard. The benefit of this, is that different Wattcher cannot hinder other Wattchers in the same environment, because they connect with a unique code to the HomeWizard and to the Wattcher display. The HomeWizard knows exactly which data from which Wattcher is.

Every Wattcher you would like to add in the app, you have to pair it first. You have to do the following steps:

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Manage Devices
  3. Right corner press Add device'Add device'
  4. Select Energy'Energy
  5. Than Energy'Wattcher'     
    • Give it a 'Name' you want and go back.
    • Click now on the buttonPair'Pair Wattcher' and click as fast as you can on the red buttons of the Wattcher. As well as the send unit as the receive unit and the same time. Do not release the buttons!
  6. You will see very fast a code in the HomeWizard app, but paring is not finished yet. The Wattcher is paired with the HomeWizard if you can see on the display of the Wattcher 'Save'. See the picture below for your reference.