My notifications are not coming or not directly

Check if the status of the notification you expect, is going to the HomeWizard-app. You can see this here: 

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Awareness' 
  3. Select the Sensor you want to see.  

If no activity is registered, the HomeWizard has  not received a signal of the sensor. Check in this case the range or re-add the sensor.

Do you see an update of the status, but you get no push notification, check if the notifications is set right at the specific time. 

Check also under 'manage receivers' (iOS: Menu > Settings; Android: Menu > Notifications > Menu-button > Manage receivers) if the right devices are enabled to receive notifications. 

Do you receive a notification, but it took a while. Mostly this is because of it is very busy on the server. 

A short explanation: HomeWizard is sending a message to the servers of Apple/Google (depending if you have iOS or Android). Those servers sending the notification to your smartphone. If it is at one of those servers very busy, you can have some delay. Besides, a lot of Android devices turn off the 3G/WiFi connection if your smartphone is in 'sleep'. In this case, you will receive the notification when the smartphone have an internet connection again. On some devices you can change the settings.