Setup smoke detectors and add them to the HomeWizard

The HomeWizard supports the HomeWizard smoke detectors.

Make groups of smoke detectors and add them

You can connect the smoke detectors seperatly with each other. This is a function of the smoke detectors self. Making groups is very important, because if 1 smoke detector give an alarm, all the other smoke detectors will go on also.

All the connected smoke detectors using the same 'RF' code. After you have connected the detectors with each other, you need only connect 1 smoke detector with the HomeWizard. The consequence of this, is that the HomeWizard cannot say which smoke detecters is going on.

Add smoke detectors individually

It is also possible to add smoke detectors individually to the HomeWizard app. Then you can see in the app which smoke detector is going on. We do not recommend this, because of the security (smoke detectors that are groepend, are safer). But if you would like to do this, make sure give each smoke detector a 'Master mode'. Then each smoke detector will have a unique code for the HomeWizard app.