Add a Somfy RTS receiver 

1. Turn the Somfy RTS in to learn mode.

For most receivers you will have a remote control with a little red button on the back side. With this you can turn the Somfy receivers in learn mode. Press the red button a few seconds, till the awning goes shortly up and down. If this is happening, the learn mode is activated and the receiver can learn the code from the HomeWizard.

Somfy Telis RTS
Somfy Centralis RTS

If you have a Somfy RTS remote control without a red button on the back side, it is not possible to set the receiver in learn mode by the remote control. You will see a button at the receiver under the cap. If you click on it, the awning will also go shortly up and down, so you will know that it is in learn mode.

2. Learn the Somfy code throughout of the HomeWizard to the receiver.

Every Somfy RTS you would like to add in the HomeWizard-app, you have to pair it first. You have to do the following steps:

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Manage Devices
  3. Right corner press Add device'Add device'
  4. Select Energy'Blinds & Curtains
  5. Than Energy'Somfy'     
    • Give it a 'Name' you want and press 'done'.
    • Click now on the buttonPair'Code' .
      • Turned the awning in learn mode (See instructions 1 above or the instruction manual of the Somfy awning)
    • Click now on the  'generate code' .
    • Click on 'generate code' HomeWizard will make a new code and send it to the Somfy receiver.

    • If the signal is received successfully by the Somfy recieven, the awning will go up and down again shortly. This is for confirmation. In the app you will see now some numbers behind 'code'. *

    • Then, 'Save' the settings.

Now the HomeWizard to have control over your Somfy RTS product.

* if the signal not received by the Somfy recieven, the awning will not go up and down. The signal from the HomeWizard is not sufficient for the Somfy receiver. Reduce the distance from the HomeWizard by placing them closer to the Somfy receiver. Repeat the process until the awning will go up and down again shortly.