Add the 'chimes' (of a doorbell) to a HomeWizard

Mostly you will receive in a set a sender (button) and a chimes (the unit that makes the sound). Most of the time it is fine if you only learn the sender to the HomeWizard. For example for the notifications.

In some cases it could be easier if you add the chime too. There is no extra sensor added in the list for this, but you can add it as a switch. 

Every Wattcher you would like to add in the app, you have to pair it first. You have to do the following steps:

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select Manage Devices'Manage Devices
  3. Right corner press Add device'Add device'
  4. SelectSwitches & lights'Switches & lights
  5. ThanSwitch'Switch
    • Give it a 'Name' you want and press 'done'.
    • Click now on the buttonPair'Code'.
      • Turn the chime in learn mode (read the instructions)
    • Now you will see a button with 'Generate code
    • Click on 'Generate code' to learn the code to the chime
    • Then, 'Save' the settings. 

You can activate the chime by clicking on: 'on'. the 'off' will not work. Now it is even possible to use it for an Task.