Setup snapshots

With snapshots it is possible that you get for example a photo if someone presses the doorbell or you get a photo if motion is detected. Only awareness sensor can be add to make snapshot. Those are doorbell, motion detector, magnetic sensor and smoke detectors.

Setup snapshots

A snapshot is a feature of a sensor. With the operation described below, you can install it.

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select Manage Devices'Manage Devices
  3. Select onAdd device 'Edit' on the Awareness sensor (doorbell) thats already be installed and you want to received the snapshot of it.
  4. Now you are in the edit field
    • Select  'Add Camera'.
      • Choose a Camera to add to this Awareness sensor. If you choose 'No camera' you remove the camera from the sensor
      • with 'Done'  you go back the edit field of the sensor
    • Press '< Back' to save the settings

From now of, your camera will make a snapshot if a sensor is activated.

Consult snapshots

The last snapshot is always visible on the status page of the awareness sensor. 

  1. Go to Menu'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select Manage Devices'Awareness'.
  • Select on a Awareness sensor (doorbell) to see the history. 
  • If a snapshot is created, you can see this by selecting theManage Devices'Snapshot'.

Would you like to receive a notification on your smartphone if a sensor is activated? You can set this up under Task. If you click on the notification, and its install for snapshot. You will see the snapshot in the HomeWizard app directly.