Connection issues in the HomeWizard app. 

This article gives tips for cases in which the HomeWizard works as is supposed or has worked as supposed, but you cannot connect now. When you have trouble with configure the HomeWizard for the first time, then this article can help you. 

From the app, the connection between the app, your mobile device and the HomeWizard box will be formed as following: 

HomeWizard <> router <> HomeWizard Online servers <> app on mobile device. 

When there is an error somewhere in the chain, you will see a notification that there is no connection with HomeWizard. Assuming that there is an internet connection on the mobile device and that there are no errors at HomeWizard Online, the cause most of the times is between the home network and the HomeWizard. 

Try to turn off/turn on the power supply of the HomeWizard. 

You can do this by putting the plug again in the socket. The connection will be initiated again, and this will sove the issue in many cases. When this happens multiple times, it can help to establish a fixed WIFI channel on the router (this is a setting on your router). 

Tips for positioning the HomeWizard pertaining to the router. 

  • The optimal distance between the HomeWizard and the router is between 1,5 - 5 meters. Don't place the HomeWizard next to the router or closer by, this is not optimal for the WIFI signal. 
  • Make sure that the WIFI connection is strong enough on the place where the HomeWizard is. 

Try to set a fixed IP address on the HomeWizard. 

When there are three green lights on the HomeWizard, there is a good connection with your router. This doesn't say that there is a good connection with the HomeWizard online servers. When you see that HomeWizard has three green lights, but is offline on the dashboard, then a fixed IP address can help. To create a fixed IP address, you have to download and open the configuration tool and connect the HomeWizard to your computer with a USB cable. 

Follow the steps in the config tool by adding the e-mail address, password and WIFI channel. Select 'manual IP' at the connection setting. There are now three fiels that have to be filled in correctly. IP address: an IP address for the HomeWizard itself. Choose an IP within the same range as the router, with only differing the last digits. For example, when the router has the 

  1. IP, the HomeWizard IP should be 
  2. SUBNET MASK is most of the times 
  3. GATEWAY: the IP address of the router (always check the IP address from the router, this address is different than the example above). Tip: the gateway address is similar to the IP address that you use in your webbrowser to go the the configuration page of your browser. Most of the times uses, other routers can have other addresses like: or Depend which router you have. 

Save these settings and check if the HomeWizard has a connection. You can also undo these configured settings by following the same steps in the config tool again and choose 'automatic' at the connection settings.