The range of the radio waves (RF)

The range of the radiowaves (RF) that are used by HomeWizard, COCO and other devices, is in practice dependent on the local circumstances. Most of the times this functions well and in a modal hause there are plenty waves to control all sensors. That said, this is not guarantee about the distance, in practice you can caunt on a range between 4 and 25 meters. 

When it's working/not working, but when the HomeWizard sometimes has a signal this most of the times is an issue with the range or a device that interferes with the connection. This always is about a combination of the sender/receiver with HomeWizard and obstructions, such as walls or windows. Without pointing to a specific casue, the following points are of importance: 

  • Is the HomeWizard placed centrally? Put the HomeWizard on its side to enhance the range. Try to experiment with with optimal position for the HomeWizard by putting it on different places in the room. Are the receivers not to close to each other? 
  • COCO advises to take at least 50 centimeters between the individual receivers. 
  • Are there any transformers (phone chargers etc.) in the same socket/extension cord as the COCO receiver? This can affect the reception of the receiver in a negative way. 
  • Are there any transformers (phone chargers etc.) in the same socket/extension cord as the HomeWizard? This can affect the reception of the HomeWizard in a negative way. 
  • Is the HomeWizard placed on a metal surface or another material that withdraws radiation? Solar control windows (HR+) will also have a negative impact on the reception, since metal is incorporated. 
  • Are there other products on 433Mhz that transfer a lot of data and that disrupt the bandwidth? A motion detector that detects a lot of movement can also be a disruptor and can take a lot of the bandwidth, which makes it harder for other signals on 433Mhz to come through. In some cases (except dimmers) an amplifier can be a solution. This device receives the signal of a certain sensor and sends it out again to create a bridge to enhance the range of the signal. 
  • Make sure that the RF light (middle) on the HomeWizard isn't blinking constantly. This is an indicator for a sender (e.g. remote control, detector, motion detector) that has a defect or a low battery. The device will keep on sending RF signals, which causes problems for the RF as well as the HomeWizard. When this is the case, please read the article about 'detect possible interference sources'. 

Most of the times it's a combination of the above described points. The best solution is to experiment to find the best set-up.