Status (on / off) of a multiple transmitter using with remote control, wireless wall switch or transmitter installation.

HomeWizard will keep track of the status of all switches that are controlled by the app. On a second smartphone/tablet you will also see the status changes of lamps, when they are turned on/turned off. When you use multiple manual transmitters (with different codes) you can add extra codes . The status will change when you when the switch is turned on/turned off with the extra manual transmitter. Please note that the HomeWizard only sends the first code when you switch a device on/off from the app.

  1. Press the button Menu'Menu' on the top left corner from the HomeWizard app.
  2. In the Menu select 'Manage Devices'.
  3. Change the specific sensor Add device'Add device'
    • Your now on the 'change setting' screen
    • Add more codes if you use more the one remote for this switch so the HomeWizard knows the correct on or off status. Remember that only the first code will be sent. 
    • Click now on the buttonPair'Code' .
      • Press on 'Learn code from remote' (Read the instructions of the device)