Installation Thinking Cleaner on the Home Wizard

Install first Thinking Cleaner on the Roomba. Download the Thinking Cleaner app from the Appstore. Follow the wizard that configures the Thinking Cleaner. When the configuration is finished the Thinking Clearner app can control the Roomba. Now it is possible to add it to the Home Wizard. Here are  the instructions;

  1. Go to Menu'Menu' on the HomeWizard-app.
  2. In the Menu select 'Manage Devices
  3. Right corner press Add device'Add device'
  4. Select Energy'Switches & Light
  5. Than Energy'Thinking Cleaner'     
    • Give it a 'Name' you want and press 'done'.
    • Tap on Pair'Discover Device'  to find the device automatically
      • Or type the local IP address of the Thinking Cleaner
    • Then, 'Save' the settings.

Now the Roomba can be controlled with the HomeWizard.