kWh index on the EnergyLink

The kWh index is a value that shows the performance of the solar panels. This index is calculated with the total daily amount of generated energy and the maximum output of the solar panels (Watt peak). 

Via Shared Weather this value can be shared. The index is useful in comparison to other solar panels in the neighborhood: when other installations have a higher kWh index, this means that they relatively raised more energy. When your kWh index is under the average, this can be an indication that there might be something wrong with your installation. 

The weather conditions are of influence on the total amount of raised energy en experience tells that the index in The Netherlands can fluctuate a lot, for example because of local clouds. Keep this in mind when you make a comparison. You can activate the kWh index by adding a Watt peak under 'share setting' from the Shared Weather. Find the value for this in the documentation of the panels or calculate this in the app.