Detection of potential sources of interference: 

there are different indicators for a source of interference of a sender. On of these indicators is the constantly flashing RF light on the HomeWizard. A quick way to check if the COCO sender is jammed is to temporarily create a new sensor. Go to 'menu > add sensor > switch' and press 'learn code from remote'.  When is directly is a code displayed in the app (without using a remote control), then there is a device active that constantly sends a code. If you know which device corresponds to the code, you can easily replace the batteries. At 'menu > edit sensor > specific sensor > codes' you can see which codes are sued by the sensors that are added. When the code isn't shown in this list, most of the times the remote control of the COCO is causing the problem or another not added COCO device. When there is no code displayed when you follow this procedure, it can be worth while to remove the batteries from all senders (COCO remote controls, door bells, motion detectors etc.). In many cases weather data will appear again from the weather sensors. When this is the case, putt the batteries back in the senders one by one, when the thermometers disappear again or the RF light starts flashing again, you know which senders is causing the interference. When the above doesn't solve the problem, please remove the batteries from the weather sensors. Sometimes a thermometer sends out a carrier wave, which causes a bad reception of the other weather sensors.