Add the weather sensors to the display

When you want to use the anemometer, rain gauge and themo/hygrometer to see the values on the display (and also on the HomeWizard), then you have to add them to the display. Click on the below weather sensor to follow the manual. The procedure in general looks as following: 

press the 'link' button on the LCD display. This 'Link' button is situation on the left side of the display. When you press the link button you will see a LED indicator flash for 30 sensors. Now the pairing procedure is started on the display. Add the required batteries in the weather sensor (you need to do this within 30 seconds after pressing the 'link' button). Consult the below pages about  individual weather sensors when this is unclear. Directly after placing the batteries, the 'Link' indicator will stop flashing on the display for a few seconds, this shows that the pairing was successful. It can take up to 10 minutes before data is displayed, don't try to reconnect the sensors in this time.