Security Invited Smart Lock 

The Invited Smart Lock is approved by SKG and found safe. 

There is a 2-star SKG cylinder supplied with the lock. With this, Invited also corresponds to the Police Quality Mark Safe Home (PKVW). The wireless signals between the remote control and the lock will be sent encrypted. This encryption is created by a 128 bits AES encryption. Every time a single is sent, the encryption is renewed. This makes the monitoring of the signals useless. 

Use with HomeWizard.

The communication between HomeWizard and the Smart Lock is encrypted in the same way (128 bits AES encryption). 

By the HomeWizard app the lock can also be controlled over the Internet. 

Please make sure that you always connect via your HomeWizard online account. This will make sure that the connection from and to your smartphone is over SSL. This is the same security level as is used for online banking.