HomeWizard Firmware

With the HomeWizard firmware tool you have the option to provide the HomeWizard base station with the most recent firmware. It can happen that when you just bought a new HomeWizard that they do not yet have the latest version and that's why you get a notification in the app. This is not something to worry about. Once the HomeWizard connects to the Internet automatically will download the latest version. This process may take several minutes (up to 2 hours in extreme cases) last. Once the update is downloaded, you need to install

Tip: You can see the HomeWizard  is busy downloading because the "Wireless" light flashes very rushes. Once blinking stops, you can open the app and if all goes well you will be notified that you can install the update.

If this process is not started within minutes or you might want to use the Home wizard directly then there is the possibility to manually install the latest version by a PC or Mac.

Manual Update

  • Link your Home Wizard using the included mini USB cable to your PC or Mac*.
  • Download tool for your system:

    Windows DownloadApple Macintosh download

  • Open de tool.
  • The tool will automatically search the connected Home Wizard and install any necessary drivers.
  • Press the "Update Firmware" button.
  • The tool will now Home Wizard update to the latest version. This may take several minutes.
  • If the update is successful, you can disconnect the Home Wizard which you can use them again as normal.

When using a manual or automatic firmware you remain your personally settings.

* The HomeWizard Firmware tool to use for a Mac, Mac Mini or iMac. Pay attention; with macOS X Mountain, Leon, El Capitan.