Using the Configuration tool in OS X

If you have OS X Mountain Lion or higher, you could have problems to download the 'Configuration tool'. Apple has a program called 'Gatekeeper'. This should help people against malware. In other words, Apple ask developers 99 USD to sign their app. If you do not pay, the app will be automatically signed as 'dangerous'. The HomeWizard Configuration Tool does not work if Gatekeeper is enabled. You will see the following message:

If you (eventually temporarily) disable Gatekeeper and allow applications off 'anywhere', you can download and open the HomeWizard Configuration Tool. You can do this to go to: 'System preferences > Security and privacy' and select 'Anywhere':

Now it is possible to open the Configuration Tool. You will see a message that the file is downloaded form the internet, with the question if you would run the program.

Why Apple choosed to give a message 'file damaged' for a program that is not signed, we cannot give you an answer. Apple could choose also 'unknown developer' or something like that. But for now, this is the way to open the Configuration Tool in OS X Mountain Lion or higer.