A new features was added that haven't had much attention before: an evaluation on the start time. This option can be found when a task is added based on a device, for example a thermometer. 

  • Take for example a situation in which you want the fan to work, when it's above 23 degree, between 15:00 - 21:00. 
  • This can be arranged with creating a task. Normally, the HomeWizard would start at 15:00 with the monitoring of the temperature. 
  • When the temperature rises above 23 degrees, the fan turns on. With the 'evaluate on start' function, the HomeWizard can check the temperature around 15:00 to see if the temperature is already above 23 degrees. If it's above this temperature, the fan will turn on. 
  • When the temperature is is above 23 degrees around 16:00 the fan will also be turned on, this function still works te same.