Tasks based on a time trigger. 

A time trigger performs an action at a certain time. Conditions that can be used are days and presets. Time triggers replace the 'timers'. Some example for the tasks based on time triggers: 

  • Every day at 7:00 the kitchen lights should turn on. 
  • Ten minutes after sunrise the lights in the living room can go out. 
  • On weekdays the Invited Smart lock should go to 'night mode' around 22:00. 
  • When I'm at home, in the weekend, the HeatLink should go to 22 degrees at 9:30 en de radiator valves in the living room also to 22 degrees. 

There are many other tasks to think of that are relevant for the time triggers. 

For this example. 

IF it's 15 minutes before sunset, and it's weekend, and I'm at home... 

 ...Then the garden lights should go on. 


  1. Go to 'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Tasks
  3. Right corner press 'Add Task'
  4. Choose 'Time' as trigger to select a sensor
    • You now on the 'IF'-screen for Trigger & Conditions.
      • For the Trigger moment select 'Time' to select a specific time you want. You can edit On time , Sunrise, or Sunset. For this example select 'sunrise'. Press 'time' and select 15 minutes, so the desired time becomes 15 minutes before sunset.
      • Set the Conditions you like: 

        1. 'Days', you can select Weekdays, Weekends and/or Every day. For this example Click on 'days' and select [Weekend]'

        2. 'Presets' you can select Home, Away, Sleep and/or Holiday. For this example select the [Home].

      • When the Trigger and Conditions are completed. The 'IF'-screen is activated.

      • Press on the top right corner 'THEN' for Actions.

    • You now on the 'THEN'-screen for Actions.
      • For Actions  select the desired conditions. For this example, select the garden lights (switch or corresponding scene). At 'behavior switch' , leave the action to 'turn on' and select no auto-off timer
    • If the 'IF'-screen and  'THEN'-screen is activated, the task can now be saved.
    • Press 'Save' and check the new task in the task screen.

From now on the garden lights will turn on, when you're at home in the weekend and it's 15 minutes before sunset.