Tasks basis of device trigger

A device trigger makes sure that certain actions and/or notifications are sent, when a sensor (which is paired to HomeWizard) is activated. Conditions that can be added are presets, days and/or time scales. Because of this, you can create various tasks with the device trigger. Some examples of tasks that you can create with the device trigger: 

  • Receive a notification on multiple phones when the smoke alarms goes off and you are not at home. 
  • Turn on the light in the bathroom when movement is detected. 
  • When the Invited door lock is unlocked, receive a notification on your phone. 
  • When I'm at home in the weekend an the humidity is above 60%, the extractor in the bathroom should be turned on. 

There are many other examples, some are easy others more sophisticated. Take for example a task which uses all options that the device trigger offers. For example, you want to create a circuit that looks as following: 

IF someone presses the doorbell between 8:00 - 18:00 on weekdays when I'm not at home, ...

... THEN  want to receive a notification en the lights in the hallway will go on for 3 minutes. Device trigger. 


  1. Go to 'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Tasks
  3. Right corner press 'Add Task'
  4. Choose 'Device' as trigger to select a sensor
    • You now on the 'IF'-screen for Trigger & Conditions.
      • For the Trigger moment select'Device' and the the device you want to trigger. For this example select the [doorbell].
      • If possible select 'Event' witch event you want. For this
      • Set the Conditions you like: 

        1. 'Start time', you can edit On time , Sunrise, or Sunset. For this example select the [On time > 08:00].

        2. 'End time', you can edit On time , Sunrise, or Sunset. For this example select the [On time > 18:00].

        3. 'Days', you can select Weekdays, Weekends and/or Every day. For this example select the [Weekdays].

        4. 'Presets' you can select Home, Away, Sleep and/or Holiday. For this example select the [Away and Holiday].

        5. You can enable 'Evaluate at start time'. More information click on this link. For this example we do not turn this on.

      • When the Trigger and Conditions are completed. The 'IF'-screen is activated.

      • Press on the top right corner 'THEN' for Actions & Notification

    • You now on the 'THEN'-screen for Actions & Notification.
      • For Actions  select the desired conditions. For this example, choose the light from the [hallway] [on] with an automated timer for 3 minutes.
      • If you like enable Notification. You can can select multiple receivers by click on them. When selecter a receiver its  √ mark. For this example, we enable notification on and select the receiver(s).
      • You can select the'Sound' you want to hear. The options are ; No sound, HomeWizard tune, Low, Medium, High or Alarm.
      • When the Actions and Notification are completed. The 'THEN'-screen is activated.
    • If the 'IF'-screen and  'THEN'-screen is activated, the task can now be saved.
    • Press 'Save' and check the new task in the task screen.