The snapshot functionality of the high quality (HD) cameras sometimes doesn't work with the HomeWizard-app. 

When requesting a snapshot by the HomeWizard the camera gives a file (the snapshot) with a file size and resolution to the HomeWizard. The resolution and the file size don't correspond the actual file size. As a result the downloading process of the HomeWizard stops to soon. As a result, the snapshots are not fully displayed on not displayed at all. 

What can I do when this happens?

When you encounter this issue and you want to receive the full snapshots, you can choose to lower the quality of the snapshot on the camera. Since the size of the snapshot is less than/equal to what the camera sends, the problem can be solved by this. 

Where can I change the camera settings? 

You cannot change the camera settings with the HomeWizard app. You need to change the settings in the configuration screen of your Foscam camera. In the settings you can change the 'video options'. In this window you have the option to lower the quality of the screenshot. 

What settings can I use? 

The following configuration shows a good balance between a high feed and good snapshots. 

  • Video resolution: 920p/720p, 
  • Frame Rate: <=30, 
  • BitRate: <=512k (manual), 
  • snap quality: low. 

Keep in mind that every home situation is different and that this is dependent on how your home network is structured. When you still encounter issues with the above setting, try to lower the settings some more. Which cameras is this about? This is for al HomeWizard compatible HD cameras from Foscam like the FI98XX or the FI99XX series.