Tasks based on a code trigger on the HomeWizard-app. 

Switch presets with only one button. Activating a preset can be done at any time from you Smartphone, but we realise that you don't always have your smartphone with you. Therefore, you can also activate a preset with a sender, a dual wall switch is suitable for this. You can program the switch is such a way that each button activates another preset. Install one at your front door when you come home or leave and notice that this is a new way for extra comfort and safety in and around your home. 

How make a  tasks based on a code trigger. 

A code trigger makes sure that a certain preset is activated, based on a wireless signal from a sender. There are limited examples, but this makes the use of presets a lot easier in and around the house. Use a wireless, dual wall switch to connect a preset to eacht of the 4 buttons. Place the dual wall switch in the hallway for example, for a quick control when you enter/leave the house. 

Use the wireless key transmitter (AKCT-510) to connect the buttons to the preset, for example 'at home' and 'away'. 

Example. Setting-up the first example is as following. 

IF i press the top button of the remote control (transmitter) ...

... THEN  the HomeWizard change preset to 'Home'. 


  1. Go to 'Menu'
  2. In the Menu select 'Tasks
  3. Right corner press 'Add Task'
  4. Choose 'Code' as trigger.
    • You now on the 'IF'-screen for Trigger .
      • For the Trigger moment select'Code' and the the preset you want to trigger. 
        1. Go to the dual wireless wall switch and press 'learn code'
        2. Press 'learn code' in the HomeWizard app, afterwards press one of the buttons from the remote controller or wall switch.
        3. A code will appear in the screen.
      • When the Trigger are completed. The 'IF'-screen is activated.
      • Press on the top right corner 'THEN' for Actions.
    • You now on the 'THEN'-screen for Actions.
      • For Actions  choose the preset that you want to activate with the button you pressed before. You can select the following preset;
        1. 'Home'

        2. 'Away'

        3. 'Sleep'

        4. 'Holiday'

          • For this example, choose  'Home'.
      • When the Actions are completed. The 'THEN'-screen is activated.
    • If the 'IF'-screen and  'THEN'-screen is activated, the task can now be saved.
    • Press 'Save' and check the new task in the task screen.

De HomeWizard will change preset when the button from the wall switch is pressed the next time. Repeat this process for the other buttons on the wall switch and connect them with another preset.