Setting up notifications means that you get a notification (push message) on your phone or tablet when a sensor registers certain activity. Notifications can be set for the awareness and weather sensors. You can have notifications sent to different devices at the same time. The following steps explain how you can install notification on your device.


  1. Go to 'Menu' in the HomeWizard-app.
  2. Then click on  'Account'.
    • Click on 'Register this device'  to register the smartphone for receiving push notifications
    • There follows a popup with the message; : 'Successfully registered for push notifications'
      • Then you can see at "All Recipients" what device can receive notification. If the text is shown in blue, this means that the device has been registered correctly.
  3. Congratulations, your smartphone is now ready to receive push notification from the HomeWizard. To do this, create a "task" of which specific linked awareness wants to receive your push notification.