Authorization recovery on my HomeWizard

Authorization failed, login failed. I'll be on the HomeWizard website but not on my HomeWizard app. Help! I can not operate the nothing anymore. No worries, you can remedy to restore the authorization.


Where does it go wrong?

Something is probably going wrong with the authorization of the HomeWizard or on the HomeWizard app. This presumably by and firmware update, app update or change of a new smartphone, tablet or home network. It is therefore good that you do not just come into the HomeWizard if something has changed. This change requires you to restore the authorization.

For security reasons, the HomeWizard uses two authorizations to enter. The data that is needed for that is your email address and desired password. This two authorization must also correspond together again. The first security is the use of HomeWizard-Online to approach the HomeWizard outside your network. The second security of the HomeWizard is to come directly within your network. This is quite difficult to distinguish at which authorization he will remain. Below is also the procedure to restore both authorizations.

HomeWizard online

Your HomeWizard online account is linked to our website at Even though you can log in on our website. Changing the password on our website is necessary to restore the HomeWizard online account. Here are the steps how to do;

  1. Go to with your web browser. Preferably use computer or laptop for the overview.
  2. Click on "My account" on our website.
  3. Login if necessary. 
    • If you do not come in, click on 'Forgot your password?' You will receive an email to change the password. Then return to our website.
  4. Once logged in, click on 'account details' to the left of the menu bar.
  5. Then press 'Change password'
  6. Enter the 'Current password', 'new password' and 'repeat new password'. You can then enter the same password again or choose a new one. The "new" password is then the password for both and HomeWizard Online. Your HomeWizard Online Account has been restored!

Then check whether it is possible to log in with the HomeWizard app. If it does not work yet, you need to restore the HomeWizard directly. Here are the steps how you can directly restore the HomeWizard password

HomeWizard directly.

The password of the HomeWizard can be re-installed directly via the HomeWizard configuration tool. This tool can be found at:

You need to install this configuration tool on a computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) and then connect the HomeWizard to your computer or laptop with a Mini USB cable on which you have installed the tool. All steps must be run through to restore the password. Do not fear that your personal data such as a linked switch will be lost during this installation. These are retained on the HomeWizard. After the installation the password has been changed and the HomeWizard can be put back again.

After the HomeWizard-online and HomeWizard check directly whether you are able to log in with the HomeWizard app, if it does not work yet you need to reinstall the HomeWizard app from your device.

Reinstall the HomeWizard app

Here are the steps how you can reinstall the HomeWizard App.

  1. Remove the HomeWizard app from your device.
  2. Reinstall the HomeWizard app from the Appstore or Google Playstore.
  3. Open the 'HomeWizard app' and start with the first steps.
  4. For the HomeWizard App to be reinstalled, you have the choice between 'Configure' or 'Log in'.
  5. Press 'Log in'.
  6. Then select 'HomeWizard Online' At account. Give you (just recovered) HomeWizard online account information.
  7. Then press 'log in'. The app checks whether both authorization is now the same. If this is not the case, it now asks for the password of the HomeWizard directly.

Both authentication are now merged on the device. This indicates this by means of '√ Authenticated'. Logging in is successful and now you can choose a HomeWizard to operate.