Connect the windmeter directly to the hw to the HomeWizard.

This torque procedure is suitable for the following wind meters.
  • HomeWizard / Smartwares 868Mhz Windmeter

Here are the instructions how to link the display to the HomeWizard:

  1. Open the battery holder of the anemometer by screwing it open.
  2. Make sure you disconnect the cable from the battery pack (probably already disconnected). This ensures that an anemometer is stress-free.
    1. Open the HomeWizard app and open the Menu'Menu'.
    2. In the Menu select'Manage devices'.
    3. Press Add device 'Add device' at the top right.
    4. Press Weer'Weather'
    5. Then on Windmeter 'Windmeter'
    6. Then select '868Mhz : Smartwares' 
      • Give a name to the anemometer
      •  Then press 'link'.
        • You must now insert the batteries into the wind gauge within 30 seconds.
        • The HomeWizard recognizes the anemometer and code appears
      • Press 'Save' to save this anemometer on the HomeWizard 
  3. After a few minutes the values will also be visible in the HomeWizard app.
  4. Now connect the cable of the battery again.
  5. Remove any protective film from the solar cell.
  6. Mount the anemometer on a vertical surface, using the mounting materials.