Which products are all compatible with the HomeWizard?

The HomeWizard supports products from different manufacturers, including Smartwares, COCO, Foscam, Somfy (RTS), TFA, Cresta and others. The following is a complete list of model numbers as complete as possible. Het is not that the HomeWizard works whit any work on  wireless device. Besides the wireless technology (433Mhz, 868Mhz or WiFi), the HomeWizard need to have the 'protocol' of the manufactuur . This is only done for the following products.

Switches, sensors and lights

  • KlikAanKlikUit / CoCo (volledige 433Mhz assortiment)
  • Smartwares
  • DI-O (Chacon)
  • Intertechno
  • HomeEasy (only -HW in the article model nomber)
  • Philips Hue lampen (Hue bridge needed)

Weather Stations

  • 433Mhz Weatherstations
    • TFA  (Sinus, Nexus, Meteotime Duo) 
    • Cresta  (WXR-710XL, WXR-810, WXR-815, WXR-815LM, PMT-980)
    • Irox  (PRO-EC, PRO-X2) 
    • Ventus (W-831, W-928 Ultimate)
  • 868Mhz Weatherstations
    • Smartwares (868Mhz Weatherstations)

Energy Monitoring

  • Wattcher
  • EnergyLink


  • OpenTherm-compatible thermostats and boilers (Heat Link)


  • HomeWizard own brand curtain and blinds
  • Somfy RTS 
  • Brel 
  • Other electric receivers like COCO ASUN-650 or ITL-1000


  • HomeWizard


  • HomeWizard
  • Smartwares (various models)
  • Foscam (various models)
  • Elro (various models)

Questions about products not listed above

If a product is not mentioned in the above list, it is currently not compatible with Home Wizard. Although we may add, have a specific protocol for 'deciphered' and be built here. Because of the complexity of this we can not do this for any given product. Basically, we can not predict if / when another brand would be supported. Through the newsletter we will keep you informed of new updates!