Control Philips Hue with HomeWizard

Hue pallet in HomeWizard app

All your lamps from 1 app

With the addition of Philips Hue to the supported range of HomeWizard, you retain 1 powerful app to control all lighting in the house.
Directly from the home screen you can turn Hue on or off, dim and provide one of the 16 million beautiful colors.


Use timers, actions and scenes

Of course, the current functions of the HomeWizard can also be applied to all your Hue lamps. This way you can set timers when the sun goes up or down. With an 'action' you can switch the Hue to a certain color if the thermometer overwrites a value, or a motion detector detects something.Within a scene you can combine several Hue lamps (and possibly normal lamps) to provide the whole house with the right atmosphere at once. You can now also use physical wall switches to turn on the entire scene, with Hue also taking the right color right away.

Simply add and synchronize

All Hue lamps can be added in 1 time, by synchronizing with the Hue Bridge.
Within the app you can then change the name and settings per lamp.