This motion detector from Smartwares can be connected to the HomeWizard. Keep in mind that it may not be linked due to the distance between the HomeWizard and this (outdoor) motion detector.

Here are the instructions how you can link the motion detector to the HomeWizard.

Report the motion detector to a HomeWizard.
1. First check that the LEARN switch is set to DEL and stand in view of the HomeWizard. This will exclude the distance issue. Controller if you are not with another channel that can also give a similar code to the HomeWizard. Think of a door with a magnetic switch that is open, doorbell that is pressed simultaneously, ect. Then open the HomeWizard App to activate the "learn code" on the HomeWizard.
2. Then go to "MENU" and then to "+ Add device"
3. For categories select "Signaling" and then "Motion sensor"
4. Enter a desired name on the motion sensor and click on code.
5. Follow the steps below within 15 seconds to learn the code on the HomeWizard.
- Press the HomeWizard app learn on HomeWizard app
- If the search mode of the HomeWizard is active, slide the LEARN switch to SET.
- Move by hand for the movement sensor.
6. A code is sent from the motion detector to the HomeWizard. A 10 digit code (or more) appears on the HomeWizard app and then you can save the condition

We are confident that you have informed you sufficiently for this moment. If you have further questions or comments regarding this subject, please let us know in response to this message. Awaiting your findings.