Sometimes happens that the notifications to certain iPhones or iPads do not come through properly. We are busy investigating what this is and will do everything possible to repair it as quickly as possible. It is also possible to restore this manually, according to the steps below. 

1. Delete push notification users 

  • Go to the 'web app' by your computer or laptop: 
  • Login to your HomeWizard by you're HomeWizard account 
  • Select Online or Direct Connection. 
  • Click on "ACCOUNT" and then click on "All Receivers
  • By means of the × symbol you can remove all Push Receivers whose Push Notifications do not work. 
  • Remove all Push Receivers that do not seem to receive any notifications at the moment. They will be reactivated in the next step. 

2. Reactivate notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the HomeWizard app on your iPad / iPhone 
  • Then go to "MENU" and select "ACCOUNT
  • Click on "Register this device" to register the device again. 
  • A popup follows with the message: "Successfully registered for push notifications". 
  • You can then see at "All recipients" which iPhone or iPad push notification will be received. If the text is shown in blue, it means that the device is registered correctly. Repeat this process if your multiple iPhone and / or iPads are used 

3. Check whether notifications are on for the desired action. 

Now that the iPhone and / or iPad is registered for notifications, you can check whether the correct (new) receiver is checked for the relevant notification: 

  • Open the HomeWizard app on your iPad / iPhone - Then go to "MENU" and select "TASKS
  • Select the desired 'Task' to check if the notification is on for the device you want to receive. If not, select the receiver as yet. 

More general information about Notifications when setting up a 'Task' can be read on this page