The HD cameras connected to the HomeWizard, such as the Foscam FI9XXX series, the images can not be shown live on the 'web app' ( via your computer or laptop. This HD camera needs special plugins to be able to display images on a web browser such as InternetExplore, Firefox, Crome, ect. This plugin we have not processed on the web app because the sequel again complicates the use of the HomeWizard app on possibly linked Smartphone as Tablet. (iOS & Andriod).

If you want to view the images from the camera via your computer or laptop. Then it will be able to do it through the normal way to access the IP address of the camera and designated browser with the corresponding plugin.

So unfortunately the camera images will not work via the computer and or laptop and only working when using an android / iPhone smartphone and / or android / iPad tablet.