With the IP switch you can link external IP devices to the HomeWizard by means of a URL. Given the incredible possibilities with this IP device combination HomeWizard IP switches, it is possible that these circuits do not work.

Install with HomeWizard Online

It is probably due to the HomeWizard online encrypted protocol that the IP circuit data is not completely transferred to the HomeWizard. Try connecting an IP switch again but not using HomeWizard online. The advice is to install the IP switch on your computer or laptop that is on the home network with the Web app on app.homewizard.nl

After logging in to the web app, select direct connection. After you are directly connected to the HomeWizard, try making the desired ip switch again. Because you are not currently using HomeWizard online, there is also no encryption and the complete activation command would be saved directly to the HomeWizard. If all went well, the entire code would now be saved.

After saving, the data is retained on the HomeWizard and your HomeWizard app can continue to use the secure HomeWizard online connection.